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long term hire 

Of course we are delighted to offer short term hire and as parts of ATV Services Scotland Ltd we are delighted to sell you a machine, but what about another way?  

Well, it is no secret no one makes money from owning a machine, there is cost involved in whatever way you choose to fulfil your vehicle needs and not all of them clear from the outset. With Long Term or Contract Hire we can take the guesswork out of your costs.

Minimum periods are based on 12 months and more and with fully maintained packages we can offer you a set weekly rate for a vehicle that shall never be "your problem". In essence, unless you cause damage it the machine your only cost would be fuel and insurance, all tyres, brakes, servicing is part of the package. If the machine has to leave your premises it would be replaced with another ensuring you are alway kept moving.    

Pricing shall, of course be dependent on what type of vehicle you require, period of hire, type of usage and expected annual mileage, but it is fair to say anything is possible.   

Why choose Contract Hire:-

  • Fixed low payments - know your costs

  • No depreciation - no risk of disposal

  • Tax Efficient - rentals are allowable

  • VAT Reclaimable - up to 100%

  • Includes Road Tax - all included

Below we have outlined an example of one of our most popular options and Kawasaki Mule Diesel Pro with full cab, full maintained over a 2 year period  we calculated for a groundscare customer, so a non toxic environment carrying out general duties. 

To enquire further about this service or to receive a quote for a particular task fill out the simple form below or just pop us an email to

As you can imagine there is a huge variation in vehicles and pricing. If you would like a tailored quote for your particular usage please just fill in the below form or just pop us an email to and one of our helpful colleagues shall come back to you directly. 


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