walk around for csp  

Hi Simon,

I carried out a walk around of a Mule Pro DX-T that we are just about to take out on hire.

Hopefully it shows the machine better than the pictures and gives you an ude of how it can be converted from one to two bench seats pretty easily (even with a phone in one hand).

We have total faith in these machine, so much so that it is the only Diesel machine we offer on Lease or Contract hire.

Prices start at £13299 plus vat with £1800 plus vat for the weather protection shown with ad hoc hire starting at £450 plus vat per week and contract hire, based on a 24 month period with a maximum of 2000 miles per annum at approx £100 plus vat per week. 


Any questions at all please just give me a call on 01292 560239 or email john.yuille@atvservices.com  

Thanks for the enquiry, sorry if the sound volume is a little low.